The pandemic has clearly forced us all to consider our health and wellness levels in a way that we have not before. Reports and writings such as this recent Forbes article all indicate that more people are looking to get, and stay active. This is a terrific shift for the fitness industry.

The question is where and how will people do this. In their homes? Outside? In the gym?

The answer is all of the above. In the end, people simply want an energizing and safe space to train the body and mind each day.

Designing a Home Gym is certainly a valid option that many are embracing. A home gym that’s well planned and designed to facilitate multiple modalities offers convenience and safety.

But people thrive on the energy of others. On being part of a community. On friendly competition. On being in the presence of other humans. Fitness facilities are the ultimate environment for this interaction and engagement, and people will always be drawn to that.

To that end, clubs and studios and facilities must now reimagine how we deliver extraordinary exercise experiences within the environment we are in. This is an incredible opportunity, and those that do it right, will flourish.

As we build the next generation of exercise spaces that remain energizing, engaging, and inviting, they must ultimately become more purpose driven. Ease of use and understanding are critical. Modalities from intensity to recovery must be addressed. This takes more thoughtful and careful planning than ever before. It involves rebuilding the future, not simply reacting to the present.