In designing a great home gym, the problem to solve is not in finding exercise equipment, but rather in creating functional space.  Just as with your kitchen, there are no shortages of appliances.  How those appliances come together to accommodate the wide range of choices within the confines of more limited space is the value of smart gym planning and design.

Foundationally, Fitness Design Group focuses on reverse engineering the environment around how our clients and their families want to train and move in the space.  This begins with recognizing the footprint.

Here are a few additional considerations to keep in mind, accompanied by examples.

Employ Aesthetic Fundamentals to your Space

home gym should never appear sterile or static. It’s important to integrate functional fitness equipment and the aesthetic fundamentals of interior design during in your planning for optimal motivation. Consider for the designated fitness area or room conversion the following: lighting, wall colors, gym floor coverings and other environmental embellishments for an inspirational and aesthetically pleasing space that compliments your home.

Home Gym in apartment living room features gym rax suspension and storage and peloton bike with area for yoga

This striking home gym in beautiful Brentwood, CA blends seamlessly into the overall environment, facilitating fitness, restoration, entertainment and connectivity.

Gym Design - Home Residence Gym Planning - Gym Rax

This residential loft serves to support the family’s vision for their exercise space to be most accessible and supported by the adjacent lounging area.

Design for How the Gym Space Will Be Used

Designing for how you will exercise at home in your dedicated space is critical. Again, the area needs to accommodate trending exercise training modalities, and at the same time, be flexible enough to adapt as your workout needs shift.  What’s critical is to determine who in the family will utilize the fitness space today and over time. We work with many households where children are training for specific sports and require accommodations that otherwise may not be needed for their parents’ style of workouts.  The beauty of creating exercise spaces within the home allows for a more specialized environment to be had.

This dedicated home gym supports an entire family with diverse training requirements. Kids sports specific training, Indoor Cycling, and CrossFit style functional training are all accounted for.

Gym Storage is a Must!

Smart storage is a critical and often overlooked component of a great home gym. Planning for home gym storage that looks as good as it works in organizing your fitness space should begin even before you select your fitness equipment.  There are great choices today including storage only solutions or those that will integrate pull up bars or anchor points for various equipment.

Smart use of gym storage is beautifully illustrated in this Chicago High Rise.

FitnessDesignGroup provides unique perspective and deep understanding of the training space – no matter how large or small. Schedule a Design Consultation today.