Designing or reimagining a home gym to fit the training needs for you or an entire family as well as defining the space requirement can be overwhelming. Planning and researching for a complete in-home training solution, creating a functional gym layout and selecting quality equipment with smart storage is time consuming and requires expertise to get it right. Taking all of this on as a DIY project may lead to missing out on expert input, ideas and execution.

FitnessDesignGroup works with you to fully visualize and understand your dream gym well before exhausting yourself, and importantly avoiding key pitfalls such as anchoring and electrical requirements. We are crafted in our process as we determine together your needs and desired outcome leading to the creation of a fantastic home home gym experience.
Home Gym Storage and flooring ideas

Take fitness flooring selection for example. Is rubber flooring or a specialty sport flooring best for your needs? Should you permanently install with adhesive or choose to loose lay? How will you account for waste? Our expert designers will help with all of these decisions and offer contemporary materials and color selections you cannot find on Amazon.

Further, we will help you to think outside the box to ensure that your home gym is as stylish as it is functional. Think creative wall or ceiling mounted suspension systems, unique accessories, and beautiful yet super efficient storage..

Here’s a great start in gathering your thoughts about how to build your home gym…

  1. What are your fitness goals? Who will utilize the home gym space we create
  2. How much floor space and what location are you able to dedicate for your home gym?
  3. What fitness equipment have you enjoyed or incorporated into your training previously? Are you open or curious about learning new or perhaps more efficient ways to exercise?
  4. When you think about your future home gym space, do you want it to reflect a particular look such as Zen, Crossfit, Boutique Studio, or simply blend into a greater look and feel of your home in general?
  5. Flooring selections can be essential for performance and function. What type of sport flooring would you prefer such us rubber flooring, hardwood, turf, or do you wish to utilize or maintain your existing flooring?
  6. When exercising at home, do you intend to read or watch TV? Would you like to benefit from virtual training instruction or other guided workouts?
  7. Today’s most popular workouts require space to move and require smart fitness equipment storage. Do you have a wish list of your favorite accessories yet? Would you like to learn about new products or devices that might enhance the workouts your already doing today and consider for inclusion in your new home gym?

FitnessDesignGroup designers are uniquely qualified to translate your needs and vision into a beautiful and functional exercise space. Contact one of our Design Specialists to find out more today.