Queens, NY

CoreBalFit is a pure boutique studio experience focused on functional training, sports performance enhancement and recovery. Located in Queens, NY,  CoreBalFit delivers dynamic training protocols centered around the key pillars of Core, Balance, and Fitness. Fitness Design Group sought to fashion a fully themed functional training “playground” capable of facilitating limitless workout variation and recovery programming. A modular Gym Rax® Bridge configuration is integrated into the heart of the space to optimize the footprint for small group training sessions.  Customized turf floor covering, cardio and strength training zones, and plentiful accessory round out the training floor offering.  The primary focus of the design was to functionally optimize the available space and create a unique branded experience.

Location : Queens, NY
Size : 3,300 SqFt
Market : Boutique Studio
Services : 2D + 3D Design, Equipment Supply