Guest Cottage Conversion

Dallas, TX

Within this expansive residential estate, wellness now takes precedent over its former guest living quarters. A robust home gym designed to cater to all members of the family including an impressive functional training floor plan offering Pilates to CrossFit. Thoughtful gym storage and suspension training anchor points round out additional training modalities. Connected cardio equipment and access to an outdoor fitness area complete this exercise paradise.

A balance of equipment from leading manufactures including NautilusStar TracAktiv SolutionsGym Rax, Freemotion, and Ecore Athletic flooring round out this energizing space for training.

Featured Fitness Equipment:

Gym Rax Double Suspension, Squat Rack, & Storage Bays
Peak Pilates Reformer
Aktiv Aqua BAG
Aktiv Solutions Accessories including Straps, Barre, and Sling Interchangeable Grips
Ecore Athletic Gym Flooring
iFit Connected Cardio Equipment


Location : Dallas, TX
Size : 585 Sqft
Market : Home Gym
Services : Floorplan Design, 3D Design, Equipment Procurement