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As they say, health is the new wealth and an increasingly substantial focus for travelers. Operators are looking future forward to meet guests where they want to be in terms of the facilitation of exercise while on property, be it in the hotel gym, in room, or outdoors. This takes keen fitness design and planning intention. Here are some considerations to keep in mind:



Functional Training and Recovery continue to be top trends in the fitness world. An approach built around facilitating popular training modalities with the versatility to shift and refresh is key.

First and foremost, hotel fitness facilities today must integrate ample open space for dynamic movement type exercise preference, including HIIT training, foam rolling, stretching, and the like to facilitate hotel guests expectations all the while keeping them safe. Loaded with all the right functional training tools and accessories and offering expansive training areas, the the Fairmont Kea Lani is a spectacular demonstration of the allocation of this balance of space.
Fairmont Hotel Gym Design with Gym Rax Ecore Gym Flooring aktiv functional fitness equipment

Hotel Gym | Fairmont Kea Lani – Kihei, HI

In facility digital workout guidance has become a rapidly emerging trend and requirement. Now more than ever, strategic use and placement of digital guidance and equipment serve to balance the fitness space. Hospitality giant, Accor has partnered with FitnessDesignGroup to modernize participating properties to feature increased movement spaces, digitally guided exercise content, and a re-balanced fitness equipment selection.
Accor Hotel Gym Design with Aktiv Functional Fitness Equipment and Gym Flooring

Accor Hotels | Power Fitness Hotel Gym


Whether it’s the desire to seek out privacy or for the sheer convenience, many hotel guests wish to exercise within the space if allocated within their own rooms.

This trend well predates the quarantine guidelines of the COVID pandemic and will continue to be a strong influence on the future of hotel fitness amenities. In room fitness for the hotel guest translates into less prep before “hitting the gym” by eliminating considerations such as the need for makeup or the “right” apparel. Other concerns include the potential of running into co-workers, or in general a distaste for exercising in front of others.

Property operators who get out in front of this to develop and offer integrated, thoughtfully designed hotel room fitness solutions will most certainly win. FitnessDesignGroup worked with Hilton Hotels, beginning in 2017, to successfully launch Five Feet to Fitness. Hilton is a pioneer in the development of the Fitness Guest Room.
Hotel Gym In Room Fitness Suite Hilton Fitness Design Group

Hilton Hotels Five Feet to Fitness | Hotel Gym in Guest Room


Outdoor training spaces can create strong value in any hotel based wellness offering. These outside playgrounds – if designed well – can facilitate endless modalities and allow for fresh air and spacing while remaining communal.
Outdoor Fitness Rooftop Hotel with Turf Flooring Functional Training Equipment and AktivTV

The message is clear – Operators must design smart and efficient options that offer guests an extraordinary exercise experience for guests – anywhere, any time.

This takes more thoughtful and careful planning than ever before. Engaging a functional fitness design specialist will help you integrate the authenticity and infrastructure you wish to extend.