This new decade brings with it some fundamental shifts in how our society perceives and pursues wellness. Mind-body therapies and alternative therapies are no longer alternative. Personal technology has never been more prevalent, guiding how we move, our hydration levels, our micros and macros and more on a daily and hourly basis. The list goes on.

These rapidly-evolving trends will continue to challenge any brand or company offering fitness solutions.

A recent whitepaper released by WTS International includes some very new and different nuances that are now impacting fitness facilities, spas and wellness spaces across the world. Things like Epigenetics, Blue Light Protection and Customized Skincare that weren’t even on our radar a few years ago are now making the list of top trends.

Understanding these shifts and reacting appropriately could give you a massive leg up over the competition. The pursuit of wellness is universal, and those who create and offer unique wellness experiences will win.

Read the full WTS Whitepaper here.