Every trend report and every ounce of research of late is pointing toward fitness enthusiasts becoming more and more discerning regarding their exercise experience and environment.

Millennials are searching for social connectivity and fresh, functional workouts. Travelers are demanding a more enhanced and enriched exercise experience than they get – even at home. Baby Boomers want to move well just the same, and although at times may be less attracted to high intensity training modalities, they certainly still appreciate socialization and smart space to move freely.

Achieving exercise balance will always remain key. You must consider the varying interests of your user demographic. What appeals to one of your residents, guests, employees, or students, will not always appeal to the next.

Incorporating larger flexibility areas and functional training zones, and adding more small but useful accessories are all natural places to begin.

Consider how you’ll implement technology, and self-guided training to assist users through an experiential training session.This is especially important within the confines of an unsupervised area or facility.

It’s a greater challenge than ever today to create a fitness offering that meets the broadening demands of its guests. It can also be your greatest opportunity to elevate your offering above those of your competitors.

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