FitnessDesignGroup has created a system for our residential clients to benefit from much of the same design process that our commercial clients receive at a fraction of the cost. Your family's heath is our priority and we will design and supply a special space for you to achieve wellness at home. Whether you have a spare bedroom or simply a corner in your living room, we have you covered. If you've planned for a dedicated home gym room, all the better!

  • Home Gym Design & Project Management <1000 Sq. Ft. now just $1,450*
  • Receive a 50% design fee abatement towards the purchase of your Fitness Equipment from an FDG affiliated supplier!
  • FDG Residential Clients qualify for our commercial pricing program for all fitness equipment, sport flooring, and accessory purchases.

*Home Gym Design & Project Manager for spaces over 1000 Sq. Ft subject to additional cost.  3D renderings, construction drawings, and custom art work additional.


How to Design the Best Home Gym

Where to start and what to consider?

Designing a home gym can be both exciting and overwhelming given the latest in trends and fitness technology.  Our process will guide you through making smart decisions about the space you utilize, the equipment you purchase, and the way in which it all comes together.


Important Questions Before You Get Started with FitnessDesignGroup:

  1. What are your fitness goals? Who will utilize the home gym space we create How much area are you able to dedicate for your wellness space?
  2. What fitness equipment have you enjoyed utilizing the most over time? Are you open to learning about new ways to exercise?
  3. When you think about your future home gym space, do you want it to reflect a particular look such as Zen, Crossfit, Boutique Studio, or simply blend into a greater look and feel of your home in general?
  4. What type of sport flooring would you prefer such us rubber flooring, hardwood, turf, or do you wish to utilize or maintain your existing flooring?
  5. When exercising at home, do you intend to read or watch TV? Would you like to benefit from virtual training instruction or other guided workouts?
  6. Today’s most popular workouts often require space to move and couple best with smart fitness equipment storage. Do you have a wish list of accessories that you would like to ensure will be well represented in your future home gym?